Andred Hayward is a world-renowned marriage officer having conducted private wedding ceremonies for over 6000 couples locally and internationally. His highly professional service is balanced by his warm-hearted yet fun approach to ceremonies. His tireless and personal approach has put I Do Weddings at the very precipice of excellence. Andred is a qualified minister although he chooses not to oversee or be part of a traditional congregation or church anymore.

Alison is a warm-hearted, compassionate and fun-loving person. Alison has a genuine quality about her that draws people in and helps them feel safe and heard. Her ceremony style is intimate and friendly, and captures the hearts of the couple and guests alike. Alison has been conducting wedding and christening ceremonies for more than 15 years and is a driving force behind the success of I Do Weddings.

I do Weddings are proud of their 25+ years’ excellent reputation in providing meaningful and professional service to couples from all around the world and it is for this reason that I do Weddings is the preferred service provider to the 12 Apostles Hotel, Rickety Bridge Wine Estate and Mount Nelson Hotel.