Types of Wedding Ceremonies

Civil Ceremony

A Civil ceremony is one that is conducted without any relation to or mention of anything religious. It follows the same general order of service, but all religious connotations, such as readings and blessings are substituted with non-religious options.

Religious Ceremony

A religious ceremony does not need to be “preachy”. An appropriate reading from the Bible or other Sacred writings along with seeking God’s blessing on your marriage, would constitute a religious ceremony. Prayers and hymns may also form part of a religious ceremony.


A Blessing is an option that combines both civil and religious elements. You may opt not to have any prayers or hymns in this type of ceremony, but still want the approach to be that of a slightly religious nature.

Spiritual Ceremony

A spiritual ceremony would be for couples who believe in a “Higher Power”. A combination of the above ceremonies could be used, including readings from great writings like: The Prophet, Neale Donald Walsh, Shakespeare, Donne, etc.

Same-Sex Marriage (Civil Unions)

We have a marriage officer who is fully licensed with the Department of Home Affairs to conduct Civil Unions of same sex couples.

Inter-Faith Ceremonies

Often, couples find that they come from different backgrounds and neither have any objection to incorporating elements and “rituals” from the other’s faith. Eg: Jewish/Christian, Muslim/Christian, Catholic/Christian. Anything that you want to incorporate can be done. Your marriage officer will advise you on what works best and which elements will add a sense of richness to your ceremony. Nobody needs to feel uncomfortable.