General Order of Service

Below would be a “general” order of service regardless of where the ceremony takes place. We like to keep our ceremonies to 30 minutes. The idea is to take the stress out of the ceremony for you by prompting you through from start to finish. There is no do or dont, no right or wrong. You are welcome to include any number of other people into the ceremony i.e. readings, song items, etc. Its all up to you.

  1. Brides Arrival with her bridal party
  2. Procession to music of choice
  3. Welcome and Introduction
  4. Marriage Address by Officiant (we will work out the content together can include readings, songs, etc)
  5. Legalities
  6. Exchange of Vows
  7. Exchange of Rings
  8. Pronouncement
  9. Blessing
  10. Signing of the Register
  11. Recession of the Bridal Party to music of choice
  12. Congratulations