Christening Frequently Asked Questions

Does christening make my child a Christian?

No, because it is up to your child to decide whether or not to follow Jesus Christ, and no church service has the power to force a child to make a particular choice.

Is a child properly named before his/her christening?

Yes. Names are given by parents and registered on the birth certificate. The church has no power to affect this, although of course the child’s name is reinforced by its use in public in church.

Is a christening ceremony only for babies?

A Christening Ceremony is not just for babies; children and even adults of any age can have a Ceremony.

Does christening my child mean that he/she becomes part of a particular church?

It is important to note that in these nondenominational ceremonies, your child is not Baptized into any particular Church, but the parents do receive a Christening / Naming certificate. The great thing about these Christening ceremonies is that later in life should your child make a personal decision to unite with a faith community of the child’s own choice, your child will be able to present themselves as a fully Baptized person.