About Christenings

Private Christenings, Baptisms, Dedications and Naming Ceremonies conducted in Cape Town:  Any Time … Any Place

  • Do you want your child christened?
  • You do not belong to a church?
  • Are there alternatives?

So finally your long-awaited bundle of joy has arrived and you have entered a new and exciting phase of your lives. Now you want to celebrate their birth with all your family and friends and also celebrate your thankfulness for this incredible life that has been entrusted to you.

Every community in the world has its own way of marking the birth of a baby – but in the west the traditional ceremony, the christening or baptism, doesn’t suit a lot of families any more because many aren’t churchgoers

But there are other options in addition to the christening ceremony worth thinking about. See Types of Ceremonies for more information on this.

Most Christenings are held in homes or other suitable venue like a hotel, reception facility, etc. Some families even hold the ceremony in a park or other natural setting. The ceremony can be held at a location and time convenient to all concerned.

You may wish to include your older children in the Christening or Naming Ceremony as well as your new baby. The Ceremony is the perfect opportunity to declare your promises to your child before family and friends. It’s also the perfect opportunity to involve relatives, such as grandparents, and maybe other adult friends. It is nice to have supporting adults or God parents, allowing them to confirm their special relationship with your child and share their promises at the ceremony in front of you and the guests.